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water rights

In Colorado, the water belongs to us all. It can be appropriated to beneficial use by any private citizen, business entity, or government unit. The priority of a use can be set by court action, recognizing a right. Available water is administered to rights, in order of seniority, by the Division of Water Resources, under the direction of its head, the State Engineer. Wise use of water is imperative.    

Are you developing a water source, planning a reliable supply, correcting or otherwise changing an existing decree, or protecting or enforcing a senior right? Do you want to establish a priority for a well, spring collection, direct-flow surface water diversion, pond, or storage reservoir? Are you working to prepare an augmentation plan in response to a curtailment order from the Division of Water Resources?

You can depend on Guide Water to provide just the necessary engineering services to enable the success of your effort. Also, you can opt to request more comprehensive service. From filling out the first well permit application to delivering a thorough expert report to the water court, Guide Water can provide engineering tempered by the lessons of long experience with Colorado water right work and related activity.  

Whether a simple legal description of your point of diversion is the only need you have, or an in-depth analysis over a lengthy study period is required; whether you seek a permanent court decree, or just need a temporary administratively approved substitute water supply plan;   Guide Water will understand and contribute with full attention to detail and uncompromising integrity. That is a clear reason why:      

Guide Water = water, right.  

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