Add value to your planning efforts, water rights portfolio, or supply project implementation by engaging Guide Water to provide water resource engineering.  


A water engineering specialist provides all Guide Water professional services. Browse descriptions and make contact to discuss your vision.

Hydraulic Designditches, pipelines, spring collection boxes, control and measurement structures, culverts, fish passage, and scour protection. 

Hydrologic Analysis: crop consumptive use, surface evaporation, watershed yield, water well pump tests, lagged stream depletion, and groundwater return flow. 

Water Rights: new appropriation, plans for augmentation, changes of water rights, right protection, provisional administrative approval, and related activity. 

Water Quality: sampling, evaluation of laboratory results, primary and secondary drinking water standards, agricultural suitability,  and surface water influence.

Custom Maps: custom geographic information system application, geospatial analysis, custom oversize maps for planning, and water court exhibits. 

Permit Support: Colorado Division of Water Resources well permits, United States Army Corps of Engineers permits, and assistance with regulatory compliance. 

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