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hydrologic analysis

Renewable water supply planning depends on analysis of watershed yield and the effect of fluctuating weather. Analysis based on physical characteristics, field measurement, statistics, probability, and engineering calculation of water cycle components provides characterization of the natural processes that give rise to accessible water, and govern the quantity and schedule of its occurrence within the landscape.


Clouds bring the precipitation that provides renewable water. Human activity is also an important factor. Ongoing diversion of water and its physical regulation by existing infrastructure, operating under legal rights, alters otherwise expected patterns of flow and groundwater level. In Colorado, both physical and legal availability must be evaluated. Also, consideration for ecological function is imperative to sound planning.

Whether you are developing a water source or protecting one, hydrologic analysis by Guide Water can fortify your knowledge base and empower you to take insightful action. Consumptive use and moisture budget calculations, incorporating administrative records, can assist evaluation of availability of water for your vision. Optimization of patterns realizing benefits of conjunctive use can aid your stewardship effort.


Your interests might benefit from a well pump test, require long-term stream flow monitoring, gain from geospatial calculations, or need the opinion and report of a Professional Engineer. You might be concerned about crop transpiration, water surface evaporation, or diminution of stream flow by well withdrawals. The importance of providing such useful hydrologic analysis is not lost on Guide Water.  Make contact.

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