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water engineering

Guide Water is focused on water resource work, including associated infrastructure design and construction management. It is not a general Civil Engineering practice that handles transportation, structural, or geotechnical jobs, except when they involve water. Water engineering insight for effective stewardship is provided by a subject matter specialist, Samuel Collin Robinson.

Collin was raised in semi-arid Colorado, where the balance of life pivots on the fluctuating availability of water. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and also a Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a water resource specialty, both from Utah State University in Logan, where he worked at the Utah Water Research Laboratory. For a dozen years thereafter, he worked as a Water Resource Engineer in Colorado, first in the private sector, and then for the state, prior to starting his own practice, Guide Water, in 2017. Collin is licensed as a Professional Engineer, and has been since 2008.  As a lifelong learner, he consistently participates in continuing education that keeps his knowledge base fresh.

Collin works predominantly on projects to develop, manage, and protect water for beneficial agricultural, environmental, industrial, municipal, and domestic use.   State water law, hydrology, and hydraulics form the foundation upon which such activities are based.  Collin has experience with each of Colorado's geographic Water Divisions, groundwater and surface water hydrology, and both open channel and closed conduit hydraulic engineering.

Guide Water works with uncompromising integrity to provide high value service and work product at modest cost. To make contact, click here.

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