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An Independent Water Engineer

How much water, how often, for how long, what consumptive use? Study by Guide Water brings experience and key data to bear on these questions essential to sound development and protection of vital water sources.

Clear project goals are met with simple design concepts that give elegant high-value infrastructure performance at low cost.  Diversion structures, pipelines, ditches, small reservoirs, and water measurement devices, are given individual attention.

Years of experience inform wise water well permitting, including creation of augmentation plans for over-appropriated areas.  Let a savvy Professional Engineer be your guide to the technical aspects of the well permit process from concept to completion.

Water is a finite, renewable resource, vital to all. Whether you are developing a new water right or managing an existing portfolio for reliability and optimal benefit; Guide Water can support your effort with resource-specific engineering.

"Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink?"  One need not be an Ancient Mariner to appreciate the importance of water quality. Guide Water can provide sampling, interpretation, and monitoring, relative to applicable standards. 

Use of tributary groundwater wells diminishes the flow of nearby surface streams, although not at the same rate or timing.  Whether you pump a well or depend on creek flow, Guide Water can assess depletion impact for remedy.

After being used, some water percolates into an aquifer and then flows through the earth to rejoin the stream system.  Guide Water can assess the impact of such lagged return flow for proper management of the limited resource.

The value of water depends on its location. Custom maps and spatial analysis by Guide Water put available data to work for you to contribute insight to planning. View your water sources presented in context and understand them like never before.   

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